Building World Concepts 2: Cruise Ship

In the first Building World Concepts post, first grade Logan examines a tactile graphic of a bus and then then follows his grandma and Noni's travels through cities in Spain. In this post, Logan is following the cruise ship in the Adriatic Sea and the ports/cities that his grandma visits. The tactile map has the raised outline of the land; cities and the sea are labeled in braille. There are dotted lines with arrows showing the path of the cruise ship from port to port. At the bottom of the map is a small tactile diagram of a cruise ship. In the video, TVI Jessica guides Logan's hands to the first city. He eagerly reaches for the cruise ship and points it out. Jessica helps Logan find the city then to start tracing the ship's path to Venice; with two hands, Logan completes tracing the path to Venice. Logan's grandmother shares where they are and their path between ports; she also captures unique sounds in each city in video/audio clips and explains what is happening in the clips. Logan soaks up all the tactile and auditory information!

Cruise Ship Video below:

In this video, Logan is in kindergarten; Logan has been regularly exposed to tactile graphics. He uses both hands on the tactile map, understands the symbols, remembers where things are (such as the cruise ship at the bottom of the page) and can easily follow raised lines and dotted lines. Logan is totally engaged with this interactive activity! 

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