Braille Jingles

Music moves information from short term memory to long term memory. Jingles and chants can be a wonderful memorization tool for students learning braille. Lyla, a student at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind (CSDB), created these catchy jingles to help her learn and remember the braille code. 

In this first video, Lyla explains her love for music, how these jingles have helped her learn the braille code and a sneak peak at some of her favorite Braille Jingles. Also included in the five minute video is Amy, Lyla's braille instructor, and Julie, Lyla's music therapist. These appealing Braille Jingles videos are available on the CSDB YouTube Channel.

 Braille Jingles Videos

Just like old Lay's Potatoe Chip jingle, "Betcha you can't eat just one!", Lyla's Braille Jingles are the same - you can't listen to just one!