Braille Alphabet Songs with Jack Hartmann

Update: The Braille Numbers song has been added!

Everyone knows the ABC song, but have you heard Jack Hartmann's Braille Alphabet song? 

Preschoolers learn through catchy tunes. This popular musician, Jack Hartmann, has over 45 albums with songs for kids to learn numbers, counting, alphabet, nursery rhymes and more! Jack had a request from a group of TVIs to create braille alphabet songs. Check these out!

The Braille Alphabet Song by Jack Hartmann:


His second video is about the Alphabet Word Signs:


The Braille Numbers Video:


It's exciting to see a professional artist who creating and posting songs about the braille alphabet!

Are you interested in more songs about braille? This post lists a number of toe-tapping braille-related songs, including songs written by and performed by kids!


Posted by Diane BraunerApr 19, 2022

Check out the new Jack Hartman Braille Numbers video/song!