The Basics of Book Creator for the Web

The Basics

In the past I have completed several blogs about the Book Creator app.  However, about six months ago the developers created a web based version for Chrome.

  • The creation of the books follows the same flow shared on the App
  • The web based version offers two account options: A student account and a teacher account that can be linked together with a shareable code:

Screenshot of Book Creator sign in: I am student or I am teacher buttons.

  • The web version of book creator is free.
  • There is a paid version that you can choose to purchase that includes collaboration tools for teachers and team members
  • It runs on all devices in the Chrome Web Browser.

In the teacher account the following features exist:

  • Import a PDF from another storage space
  • Combine separate books into one without impacting the individual books (if you are creating a collective classroom book of individual student's work, for example)
  • Export as E-books or online with a private shareable link
  • Collaborate among other team members  (for the paid version)

YouTube Video Features of the Teacher Account can viewed at the link below:

In the student account, the following features exist:

  • Student accounts can see the same books that teachers have shared with them using the share code the teacher sends to them. 
  • Students can combine books, copy books and import books from different 
  • They can download the book as an e-Book
  • Read the Book from the desk top as well.

YouTube Video Features of the Student Account can viewed at the link below:

Accessibility for People with Visual Impairments:

This is where we are going to need more experimentation (and more blogs).

I experimented using the the accessibility features on my Chrome Book. I was able to do the following:

  • Magnify the screen to 2x-3x. However, I would like to use this with my students that use ZoomText to see how they work together with that software. 
  • Change the Contrast to White On Black
  • With ChromeVox, I was able to navigate  the website of the Book Creator website only. It didn’t actually read the text in the book itself (which is a common accessibility problem for web based digital books). On the app Voice Over reads the text in the book to the student. 

Current Barriers for Web Version:

  • Not having an accessible way for book text to be read by screen reader (Chrome Vox).

My Two Cents:

The web version of Book Creator is ideal for individuals with low vision who can use the embedded accessibility features on a computer or low vision software such as ZoomText. For students who require screen reading features, I would say the app version on iOS is a much better option.