Ballyland Keyboarding Software: Special Offer!

Special Offer Ballyland Early Keyboarding Home Access License!

Ballyland Keyboarding for desktop and laptop computers is a unique software designed to enable young children with a disability to independently explore the computer keyboard and to learn keyboarding skills. This software is fully accessible for students who are visually impaired or blind and includes games that teach important keys for screen reader navigation.

60% OFF– Hurry, before school is out, to play and learn at home… 

This is a special offer for educators and families in the Paths to Technology community, who are looking for ways to support young students in play-and-learning at home. Benefit now from this incredible offer to get this FUN multi-level educational game for Windows PC’s/laptops/Mac computers. This program is used in inclusive playgroups and classrooms and homes around the world. Suitable for children aged 3 years and up, including those with a disability, to play and learn on their own. Specifically designed to support learning of important early technology skills by children who are blind or visually impaired. Feel free to share with colleagues and friends.

Use the coupon code ‘P2T20’ and get a massive 60% discount on the normal price of the Home Access License of the Ballyland Early Keyboarding game from the award-winning Sonokids Ballyland series.*
WAS $49 - NOW $19 USD

*Offer runs May 18 - June 1, 2020. By entering this offer you agree to the Software Disclaimer as published on the Sonokids website and for your email to be subscribed to the Sonokids Newsletter – You can unsubscribe at any time. 

Purchase Ballyland Keyboarding here from the Sonokids website.

Learn more in the Video tutorials on the Ballyland Youtube ChannelPhoto of a young boy with a large print colorful keyboard intently watching the computer monitor while playing Ballyland Keyboarding.

  • Built-in speech, no literacy skills required
  • Builds foundation keyboarding skills, (QWERTY) keyboard 'mapping' skills, early Literacy and Numeracy skills, Memory skills and more
  • ‘Any Key Goes’ Entry level with stories, images, songs and sounds
  • Six fun Key Games, suitable for switch access
  • Recommended by parents, specialist teachers and therapists
  • Adjustable settings to suit individual requirements and abilities

**Please review the System Requirements on before you buy, and select the correct version for your operating system.


Read the detailed Paths to Technology's review of Ballyland Keyboarding here.

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