Access Academy: APH Webinars

Access Academy is an incredible resource for TVIs and educators working with students who are blind or low vision. APH offers free webinars to help educators learn about and use APH products and programs. Access Academy also facilitates webinars on products, tools, and services that are outside of APH. You can register for the live webinar (where you can ask YOUR questions!) or view the recorded webinars at your convenience. Did I mention that the webinars are free? At this time, ACVREP credits are also available for attending the live webinars.

Personally, I am very excited to see that so many of the webinars focus on technology. TVIs are expected to be competent in all the different pieces of available hardware and software, for all age groups and abilities. . . and to keep current with all the rapid updates. Hmm - that's an impossible expectation! However, you can choose the specific Access Academy webinar(s) to become current on today's specific tech need. Need to know about coding options? Braille displays? Software used to create tactile graphics? Check out the past webinars along with the upcoming webinars! Here is a quick peak at the February 2022 Access Academy line up!

  • February 2nd: The Communication Continuum
  • February 7th: Babies Count: The National Registry for Infants and Toddlers with Blindness and Visual Impairment
  • February 9th: Pandemic Learning Loss: Why Reinforcement App Games Work!
  • February 10th: On the Road to Code 1: Codequest
  • February 15th: Unbox your CodeJumper: Out-of-the-Box ideas for getting started with STEM
  • February 16th: The Sensory Learning Kit: Supporting Communication for Learners with Visual and Multiple Impairments
  • February 18th: Take a Note! Updates to the Reading and Math Tools on the MATT Connect
  • February 24th: Wide Range Achievement Test (WRAT-5) for the Wide Range of Students with Vision Loss
  • February 24th: Using Tiger Software Suites with PixBlaster
  • February 28th: How Braille Works Electronically

Note: PowerPoint Presentations and digital handouts are available prior to each webinar and are posted with the recorded webinar.


For details about upcoming webinars or recorded webinars, use these APH links: