ABC's of iOS: VoiceOver for Kids 3 - 8 Course

Perkins is offering a 6 module (12 weeks) course on how to introduce young children to an iPad running VoiceOver. The online modules are video tutorials designed to follow the ABC's of iOS: VoiceOver for Toddlers and Beyond! manual. 

Course Description

Everywhere you go, people are using technology – including toddlers and preschoolers! Students with vision are entering kindergarten with the ability to use technology independently and with confidence. Young children with visual impairments and blindness (VIB) need access to technology early and should be entering kindergarten with equivalent tech skills. This semester-long Institute will focus on how to successfully introduce iOS technology and how to teach tech skills to toddlers, preschoolers and early elementary students with VIB to meet mainstream national tech standards and tech-related IEP goals for students who are VIB. Using a series of educational apps in a carefully thought out progression, participants will learn a variety of strategies including teaching little fingers to physically create gestures, basic VoiceOver skills, and often-overlooked digital skills and concepts unique to students with VIB. Participants will also be introduced to basic refreshable braille display commands and Bluetooth keyboard commands appropriate for young students. The goal of this Institute is to provide guidance and support for TVIs throughout the semester so that students with VIB can also fully integrate their tech skills to complete mainstream classroom assignments.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Use the accessibility features of the iPad including the Voiceover screen reader with a Bluetooth keyboard and a refreshable braille display.
  2. Introduce and teach VoiceOver gestures, unique concepts, and tech skills in an age-appropriate manner to very young students.
  3. Introduce and teach 3 to 8-year old students how to use VoiceOver on an iPad and the core suite of apps that are commonly used by students in mainstream classrooms. 

ABC’s of iOS Perkins Institute Requirements and Expectations *

  • Each participant should be working with a young student who will benefit from using a screen reader. *
  • Each student should have a signed media permission form.
  • Each participant must have access to a Bluetooth keyboard and braille display (the braille display may be shared with the student).
  • Each student should have daily access to an iPad; access to a Bluetooth keyboard and a refreshable braille display, if appropriate.
  • Participant must download the free apps and paid apps that are appropriate for his/her student.
  • The appropriate apps must be installed on the student’s iPad. (Note: Free apps that have ads or limited access should be purchased for students, if appropriate for the student. Not all apps discussed in the workshop will be appropriate for every student. We will discuss what is appropriate for each student in class.)
  • Participants are expected to work with their student on iPad skills at least once a week, (ideally more) with follow-through by other educators or family members.
  • Ability to record (2 to 3-minute video clips) of student. Note: These videos will be used for the instructor to provide feedback – so include recordings of things that the student does successfully and that are challenging! Record teaching methods!
  • This Institute does have homework assignments!

Note: The homework - especially the video clips - is necessary for each participant to receive individualized feedback about their student's tech skills and teaching suggestions throughout the course. The instructor is also available to answer tech questions and assist each TVI throughout the course.

* If you do not currently have access to your student or you do not have a student who would benefit from this course, you may still gain valuable information from this course.

Parents are also welcome to take the course!

Course Credits

This course will include 6 recorded online sessions with homework assignments. Participants can earn 15 or 30 PDP's, ACREP's or Continueing Education hours.

  • 15 credits for attendance and participation only
  • 15 additional credits for completing assignments

Course Time Line

The online course opens February 1, 2021. There are six modules to complete over a twelve week period.


Details and registration link available here.

The video below is an introduction to the course.