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iOS 15: Split View with VoiceOver

" This is also useful to blind users of VoiceOver who want to work with 2 apps at once with ease!   "
- anthill
, Sep 27, 2021

General Guidelines for Creating Non-Visual Maps of K12 Schools, Camps and Parks

"Well done. Your article is clearly written, easy to scan and helpful!!    "
- Kate Under GLAS
, Sep 06, 2021

Creating Digital Images for Tactile Graphics Machines, Part 1

"I have recently tried a JamJake stylus (approximately $30) which had good reviews and it works very well with my iPad. There are numerous non-Apple styluses on the market. If you try one, please... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Aug 27, 2021

iOS 15 Dictation Update

" I am an Elementary school teacher, I recently retired in December of 2020. I am currently teaching the English language to beginner learners from all over the world. "
- lsweeney311
, Aug 18, 2021

Creating Tactile Graphic Images Part 3: Tips for Embossing

"A TVI shared that she ran the capsule paper through the copy machine and printed the graphic on the wrong side of the paper. After running multiple images (with ink on the wrong side of the capsule... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Aug 18, 2021

What's Next for College-Aspiring Learners? Webinar

"The College Success webinar recording and resources are now available! "
- Diane Brauner
, Aug 03, 2021

Bop It Micro for Visually Impaired Students

"Hi! my name is Selena and I am studying Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design. I am currently working on a project redesigning the Bop-it toy for children with disabilities (... read more
- Selena Yang
, Jul 17, 2021

Tech, Literacy & Education Equity for College Aspiring Learners Webinar

"Did you miss this amazing webinar - Part 1 of the Tech, Literacy and Education Equity for College-Aspiring Learners? The webinar recording is now available! "
- Diane Brauner
, Jul 14, 2021