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Braille Alphabet Songs with Jack Hartmann

"Check out the new Jack Hartman Braille Numbers video/song!   "
- Diane Brauner
, Apr 19, 2022

iPad Checklists: VoiceOver Gestures, Braille Display & Keyboard

"These checklists are amazing!  Thank you so much for sharing! "
- Snowflake_tvi
, Apr 15, 2022

Braille Tutor: App Review (Updated)

"Great post and update Diane! Thanks for sharing all of the details! I'm really looking forward to trying this with several students but especially with a new student who is just beginning to learn... read more
- Tim Fahlberg
, Apr 05, 2022

Challenge Solutions: Google Docs with VoiceOver on iOS

" I think this video was very well done. I would love to get to know you and your career ambitions. Check us out at    "
- Kate Under GLAS
, Mar 23, 2022

AT Technology Skills Scope and Sequence: iPad

"I think a short video tutorial would be great.  "
- mplansker
, Mar 16, 2022
"Note: The AT Scope and Squence Chart iPad 2 has been added! This is an updated version (3/16/22) of the chart, to include suggestions that YOU shared. Please continue to provide input, not only the... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Mar 16, 2022

Using the Applications Key... With or Without the Key!

"John, great to know you are involved with ensuring accessibility in your company's software! Feel free to touch base with me at and I will see what I can do to help.  To... read more
- AllenHHuang
, Mar 16, 2022
"This posting came up as part of a Google search on how to use the Applications key. I am a software engineer trying to make that key do what is expected, and thought you might have some advice. Our... read more
- john with WaveMetrics
, Mar 15, 2022