About Paths to Technology

Paths to Technology is designed to assist educators and families in learning and staying current on ever-changing technology for students with visual impairments and blindness.  The goal of this project is to enable students with visual impairments and blindness (VIB) to succeed in paperless mainstream classrooms and post-school opportunities for employment by achieving digital literacy and by staying current with rapidly evolving technology.  Created as an interactive site, Paths to Technology will be a resource for defining and disseminating best practices, training, and support for teachers of the visually impaired, braille transcribers, other education professionals, parents and students themselves.

Paths to Technology seeks to:

  • Facilitate a Community of Practice related to technology and digital literacy
  • Create and curate best practices that enable braille transcribers and paraprofessionals to convert mainstream instructional materials to accessible digital materials
  • Provide centralized dissemination of information about new technologies, new software/apps, and best practice teaching techniques for cutting-edge digital materials
  • Provide current information about upgrades and technology updates

We welcome contributions from the field!  If you would like to share your ideas or offer any feedback, please contact us.

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Support for this project has been provided by a grant from the Johnson Scholarship Foundation.

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