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Young learners will enjoy memorizing the braille alphabet with this rap song, with a unique dance-like gesture to accompany each letter; features an audio recording of the song, and the complete lyrics.

Source: Paths to Literacy

Explains the requirements of the braille instruction provision in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Source: The National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC)

ACB's nationwide directory lists individuals and agencies who transcribe braille; arranged alphabetically.

Source: American Council of the Blind (ACB)

The braille section of the Paths to Literacy site offers an overview, instructional strategies, pre-braille, tactile graphics, technology for braille readers, sources of print/braille books, tools for writing braille, braille production, and brailler repair. Users may post content, and there is also a forum for questions and answers related to braille literacy.

Source: Paths to Literacy

This site includes extensive information about sensory integration dysfunction, with sections focusing on education, classroom accommodations, and additional resources.

Source: Bridges4Kids

BRL is "an online instructional program that provides teachers, parents, social workers, and current/future braille transcribers with … online courses in braille and braille transcribing."

This PowerPoint presentation focuses on the learning styles of children with visual impairments with and without additional disabilities and on early orientation and mobility development.

Source: Provincial Resource Centre for the Visually Impaired (British Columbia)

Helping your child with visual impairments under how nonverbal behavior and body language contribute to communication.

Source: Family Connect for Parents of Children with Visual Impairments

Camp Inter-Actions is a traditional summer camp experience for children who are blind or visually impaired.

Little Rock Foundation's annual summer camp for visually impaired and blind children

Source: YMCA

Camp in Maine.

Future Reflections (2002).

Bernhard Beck-Winchatz asserts that "there is nothing a blind person could not do as well" in the field of astronomy. He co-developed Touch the Universe – A NASA Braille Book of Astronomy, which makes Hubble Space Telescope images accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired.

Source: National Federation of the Blind (NFB)

This site uses your location to display movies in your area with accessible technology, including captioning and descriptive audio. Use the filter to display only the movies with the technology you need. Users may also search by theater.

This booklet is written by a cane traveler and covers aspects of cane travel, such as Getting the Cane Ready, Actually Walking Around, Public Transportation, and Times and Places without the Usual Landmarks.

Source: National Federation of the Blind (NFB)

This section of AER's website has information about the skills and responsibilities of O&M Specialists, a list of training programs, a job exchange, and information about current issues in the field, such as environmental access.

Source: Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (AER)

Guidelines for making hospital stays as comfortable as possible for patients who are blind or visually impaired.

Source: Vision Australia

Tips and comprehensive advice for gardeners who have experienced vision loss. Explore information about digging, wedding, mowing, trimming, and everything related to productive and enjoyable gardening.

A good explanation of the types of cataracts and their effects on vision.

Source: VisionAware