Perkins Scout: About

Welcome to Scout, an information clearinghouse of high-quality resources about blindness, visual impairment, and visual impairment with multiple disabilities. Scout is provided by Perkins School for the Blind and managed by the Samuel P. Hayes Research Library staff.

Using the site

You can search for any term or phrase, and find matching items in the clearinghouse. Each item has a link to an online resource. In many cases there will be additional information and a link to the organization or person providing the information.

You can also browse Scout by different subjects. You can browse individual Topics, which cover a wide range of information and material. Teachers, educators and practitioners can find curricular material and other links focusing on education in the Teaching Resources section.

Additional resources

If you are looking for resources and information about blindness, visual impairment, and multiple disabilities, the Hayes Research Library staff are glad to assist with additional questions. You can use our contact form to reach us.

About our links

We review the site regularly to update broken links or outdated material. Please let us know if a link does not behave as expected so we can help you find additional resources.

We get regular requests to add links to Scout. We do not add sites that focus on other topics, that duplicate material already on Scout, or that come from for-profit entities (with a few exceptions for services and tools directly relevant to the blindness community). Link requests are reviewed on a case by case basis by Hayes Research Library staff.