Do I have to register to use the site?

  • You do not need to register to review the course offerings, to visit any of the microsites, or to access other information; however, if you want to register for a course or be a contributor, you will need to create a free account.

What happens when I register?

  • You will receive email notifications from the areas of Perkins eLearning that you sign up for, such as announcements of upcoming training events, blog posts from Paths to Literacy or one of the other microsites, or our monthly eNewsletter.
  • When you register for PerkinseLearning.org, by default you are signed up for all of our offerings.  You can adjust this during registration by selecting, ‘Manage my Notifications’ and ‘Show me my options.’  This will allow you to select which subscriptions you would like

Why does the registration form ask me if I'm under 18?

  • Anyone is welcome to contribute and share ideas.  We love to see students become involved, and the Paths to Technology and Paths to Transition microsites are perfect places for student posts. If you are under 18 you do need a parent or teacher’s permission to create an account. 


I am trying to log in, but it's not working.

  • There are many reasons why you may experience an issue logging in.  If you have already reset your password and are still not able to gain access to your account, please contact Perkins eLearning at: eLearning@perkins.org, and a member of our staff will be able to help you 
  • Each platform requires a separate login.  For example, your login information for Perkins eLearning will not work on Paths to Literacy or Moodle.  
  • One of the common login issues is attempting to log into an online course on perkinselearning.org.  The classes are located at workshops.perkinselearning.org, perkinselearning.org and will have a different login.

How can I change my user name/password?

  • In order to change your username/password on perkinselearning.org, you will need to be signed into your account.  Once signed in, navigate to the “edit account info” tab and adjust the username and password by writing over the existing text in each field.  Once you have updated the information, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “save.”

Account Management

How can I manage my subscriptions?

  • If you would like to change the amount of email you receive, you can adjust this through the subscription settings in your account.  After logging into your account, select “Subscribe to content” tab.  The third button titled, “Content type” is where you can adjust which page(s) you are subscribed to.  In order to unsubscribe, unselect the box next to the section, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “save.”  If you would like to subscribe to a section, simply follow the same steps on those sections which are not already selected.

There are specific articles that I would like to refer to at a later date.  Is there way to bookmark these?

  • Yes! You can either bookmark the site within your browser, or use our “Favorites” feature.  Each page has the option to “favorite” by selecting the star.  






These favorites will be saved within your account for reviewing at a later date.  To access your favorites, you would hover your mouse over your account icon (top right-hand corner of the page) and select the favorite’s option.






I don't know which online class would be best for me.  How can I find out?

  • There are a couple of ways to search for an online class.  If you are interested in a specific topic, you can browse by topic to narrow down your options.  If you are still unsure which class would be for you, please reach out to perkinselearning@perkins.org.  We would be happy to help!

Am I able to earn credits by taking an online course?  How do I know which credit type to pick?

  • As you might expect, state, district, and regional regulations around professional development credits vary. To make this easier for our participants seeking professional development hours, we provide a uniform formula based on contact hours for all of our professional development offerings. For example, 25 professional development points or continuing education credits represents 25 clock hours committed to that development experience.
  • We find that this standardized expression of contact hours enables all participants to transfer Perkins experiences uniformly to their own regional requirements. Please contact your supervisor or representatives to determine whether Perkins eLearning credits are transferable to you.
  • Note that we also offer graduate student credits, and certification credits which are determined by their authorizing bodies.
  • To review the online classes available for credit, please visit our site: http://www.perkinselearning.org/earn-credits

Do I have to be logged in at a certain time for a course?

  • No, our online classes have due dates for assignments, but there is no requirement to be logged into the course at a certain time.

I have a general question about blindness or teaching a child who is blind.

CVI Endorsement

I am interested in applying for endorsement in the CVI Range, how do I start this process?

  • If you are interested in applying for the CVI Range endorsement, you can do so online.  On the Perkins eLearning site navigate to the CVI Endorsement page.  On this page you can apply for endorsement, as well as review the steps needed to become endorsed.  


Do you have a question that’s not on this list?  Contact us at elearning@perkins,org