Endorsement: Perkins-Roman CVI Range


This endorsement was awarded to individuals from 2016-2021 who successfully demonstrated the ability to administer the CVI Range© assessment and who demonstrated experience in program planning for students at all three phases of the CVI Range©.


In order to earn this endorsement, participants will need to successfully complete the four step process: application, obtain CVI Basics micro-credential, obtain CVI Assessment micro-credential, and submit three references substantiating experience.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives

Participants will:

  • Submit an application demonstrating appropriate experience in working with students with CVI.
  • Obtain the CVI Basics micro-credential (define CVI, identify the causes of CVI, describe the diagnostic criteria for CVI, describe the assessment process for CVI and identify strategies for intervention.
  • Obtain the CVI Assessment micro-credential by demonstrating the ability to appropriately score two videos that are part of the Perkins-Roman CVI Range Endorsement. 
  • Submit three references substantiating experience in working with students with CVI which meet the requirements of the rubric.