CVI: Phase III


This micro-credential is awarded to individuals who have successfully completed  the CVI Phase III online class.


In order to earn this micro-credential, participants will:

  • describe the factors associated with The CVI Range in Phase III CVI
  • utilize The Phase III Extension Chart
  • describe the major elements of instruction associated with Phase III CVI
  • describe the visual and behavioral characteristics associated with Phase III CVI. 
  • correlate functional typical and atypical behaviors with specific characteristics present in Phase III CVI.
  • interpret CVI Range scores in Phase III.
  • Identify the purpose of salient visual features
  • identify and properly highlight and select appropriate methods in teaching salient features
  • Identify and teach concepts of comparative thought
  • properly integrate the concepts of comparative thought across learning environments.
  • describe uses for word learning including students with complex needs
  • demonstrate the specialized techniques used to highlight words
  • describe the specialized methodology used to teach use of words in various learning contexts
  • describe methods for integrating communication methods for students with CCN and CVI.
  • describe adaptations for communication materials and methods for students with CCN and CVI in Phase I, II, and III.
  • provide rationale for use of no tech, low tech & high tech augmentative alternative communication (AAC) materials or equipment for students with CVI
  • describe how CVI poses risks to social skill acquisition and inclusion
  • identify and describe how the CVI characteristics impact social learning
  • describe methods to improve and support the social development of students with CVI.
  • describe the impact of the CVI characteristics on orientation in space and safe movement in familiar and unfamiliar environments.
  • create adaptations to environments and use CVI designed maps based on the student’s CVI Range score.
  • describe the use of mobility devices for students with CVI