Bookshare Mentor


This micro-credential is awarded to individuals who have successfully completed and passed the Bookshare Train the Trainer online class. This online class provides participants with the knowledge and skills to mentor teachers who are beginning Bookshare users.


In order to earn this micro-credential, participants will need demonstrate competency in the learning outcome/objectives listed below. Demonstration of competency will be achieved through the completion of assignments and discussion participation.

Learning Outcomes/Objectives

Participants will:

  1. Explain and describe what Bookshare is and why Accessible Instructional Materials are important.
  2. Discover and identify the various components of the Bookshare website.
  3. Explain the Bookshare eligibility process and describe how they would instruct others about the process.
  4. Describe and explain Bookshare membership options, including Bookshare beyond the classroom.
  5. Demonstrate how to manage Bookshare accounts.
  6. Explain what the National Instructional Materials Access Center is and how educators can obtain materials from the Center.
  7. Search and find special collections in the Bookshare online library.
  8. Request books from Bookshare and delineate what the specific guidelines are for requesting books.
  9. Demonstrate how set up Reading Lists and describe what the key benefits are to teachers and students.
  10. Discuss the benefits of the different file formats offered through Bookshare and when to use certain formats.
  11. Demonstrate how a Sponsor downloads books on behalf of qualified students and how Individual Members download on their own.
  12. Discuss options for compatible assistive technology and describe where to find more information about the variety of options available to readers.
  13. Discuss and demonstrate the benefits of Read:OutLoud Bookshare Edition, Bookshare Web Reader, Read2Go, and Go Read.
  14. Describe the process of selecting the right tool for each individual reader.
  15. Discuss the importance of transition and how individuals can be set up with a Bookshare membership for lifelong learning.
  16. Describe how a variety of communities are beneficial to the Bookshare user and how Bookshare plays an important role in these communities.
  17. Begin planning training modules and outreach strategies using the Action Plan template.
  18. Demonstrate where to find additional Bookshare resources, information and learning opportunities.
  19. Demonstrate where to find additional AEM resources.