Linda Hagood, M.A., CCC-SLP

Linda Hagood has worked for 30 years as a speech language pathologist, with more than half of that time focused on communication intervention with children and adolescents who have visual and multiple impairments. After being trained as a speech language pathologist in the speech communication program at the University of Texas, she worked both as a communication specialist and educational consultant in a variety of settings, including TSBVI. While working there, Linda developed two curriculum guides, both published by the school’s curriculum department. Better Together  (2008) was developed to address the growing population of students with dual diagnoses of visual impairment and autism.

Linda is currently preparing to embark on a new professional journey as a doctoral student at Portland State University.  She is honored to have been selected to receive a fellowship by the National Leaning Consortium for Sensory Disabilities, and is planning to pursue research interests in the area of communication intervention with children who have visual and multiple impairments including autism. In 2020, Linda Hagood was recognized as the Outstanding Related Service Provider of the Year by the Principals of Schools for the Blind (POSB).