Karen E. Blankenship, Ph.D.

Karen E. Blankenship is an Assistant Professor of the Practice, Dept. of Special Education, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University. She has been a certified teacher of students who are blind or visually impaired (TVI) since 1976. She received both her undergraduate and doctoral degree from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. She has served as the National Agenda professional co-chair. She has also served as the AER state president in both Iowa and Tennessee.

In addition, she has been chair of both the itinerant and the educational curriculum divisions of AER. She is a guest reviewer for the Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness as well as other journals in the field of special education. She is currently an international facilitator of Quality Programs for Students with Visual Impairments (QPVI). Her line of research and passion is centered around assessment and the expanded core curriculum (ECC).

Professional Development Offerings

Dr. Blankenship provides an overview of QPVI, a quality process designed to drive continuous improvement within schools and educational programs.


In this webcast, Dr. Blankenship discusses the importance of using assessments: FVA, LMA, and the ECC when assessing students with visual impairments.


Understand the 3 assessments included in the essential assessments (EA) - functional vision, learning media, and screening and assessment in ECC.

Online Class