Frank Thorn

Frank Thorn, O.D., Ph.D. is a Professor of Vision Science; Director, Accelerated OD Program; Director, International Research & Development at New England College of Optometry.

Dr. Frank Thorn was first trained as a neuroscientist at the University of Rochester Center for Brain Research (PhD) and the UCLA Brain Research Institute (NIH Post-Doctoral Fellowship), where he studied neural responses in the visual systems of several animal models. He continued this work at the Pacific University College of Optometry, where he also taught a wide range of vision science courses. He then came to The New England College of Optometry Accelerated Optometric Degree Program, received his OD in 1979, and stayed at the college. He teaches courses focused on the neural basis of vision, the development of vision, amblyopia, and the testing of patients with visual deficits.

Dr. Thorn has taught in Italy, China, Brazil, Spain, France, South Africa, and Israel. He helped design the unique Chinese optometry curriculum for the Wenzhou Medical College and in 1994, traveled to Wenzhou with his colleague Dr. James Comerford to teach the first American optometry courses ever offered at a medical college in China. Dr. Thorn presently holds faculty rank at the Wenzhou Medical College. Dr. Thorn also directs the Accelerated OD Program for PhDs and MDs and is the director of International R & D.

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