Accessible Science Products

The following is a list of products and materials with photos and descriptions that we have used. We have noted the strengths and limitations. Please remember these are our opinions. Click on the names below to jump to that particular product.

The following is from the APH website: Sense of Science is a unique series designed to make the world of science accessible, understandable, and enjoyable. The main... Read More
Full function calculator with private earbud Giant 8-digit display with 0.5-in black numbers Speaks in Clear Female Voice Features repeat, memory, auto power shut-off and adj... Read More
The following description of the contents of this set is from the APH website: Sense of Science: Astronomy is the third module in this tactile/visual science series. Unlike previous modules of this... Read More
The following description is from the Independence Science website: Students who are visually impaired can now independently access high school and college level science lab experiments with the... Read More
This kit includes equipment for experimentation and discovery in both magnetism and electricity.  Please see the website for more details on the exact components of each kit. 
The tactile Punnett squares are designed for braille and large print students to complete monohybrid (4-Box) and dihybrid (16-box) crosses. The following description is from the APH website... Read More
AVAILABLE on QUOTA FUNDS!! The following description is from the APH website: The genetic code is the set of rules by which information encoded within genetic material (DNA or mRNA sequences) is... Read More
This product features: A fully-accessible handheld scientific calculator -- ideal for all students, middle school through college.  The Orion TI-30XS MultiView™ Talking Scientific... Read More
The following information is from the APH Website:  Create instant tactile drawings easily! Versatile tactile drawing board that is used in combination with special film and a... Read More
The following is from the APH website: The main component in each Sense of Science kit from APH is a set of colorful, raised-line overlays designed to be used with a light box, or as stand-alone... Read More
The following information is from the APH website: DNA-RNA Kit This kit provides students with a sturdy and dependable model, improving other available molecular biology models. The DNA-RNA Kit is... Read More
The Topaz is a large CCTV used by our students at TSBVI.  It is available from Freedom Scientific. The following description is from the Freedom Scientific website.   Features... Read More
THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE ON QUOTA FUNDS!​  This information is from the APH website: Life Science Tactile Graphics -  A collection of vacuum-formed, full-color raised-line... Read More
This reference packet from APH comes with a backpack-sized, laminated large print, periodic table labeled in braille, a braille reference booklet and a large print reference booklet.
The following description is from the APH Website.  This product is available on Quota Funds. The Large Print Guidebook is a Replacement Item and the Braille Guidebook is an Optional ... Read More
The Guidebook for the Sense of Science Astronomy Kit is full of detailed activities to use with the tactile graphics that are included with the kit.   Activities incorporate a learning objective... Read More
The following is from the APH Website: Basic Science Tactile Graphics Vacuum-formed raised-line drawings are intended to supplement, not replace, the graphics in a student’s adapted textbook... Read More
Pen for users with low vision. Bold line 20/20 Pens make handwriting easy to read. Bold black felt-tip marker with permanent ink provides high contrast against light-colored backgrounds.... Read More
The following description is from the APH Website A “must have” item to make everyday living easier! Use the built-in eyelet at the top to hang the thermometer within easy reach.  Note:... Read More
The Ruby Handheld magnifier is available in various models, including: RUBY with U.S. Power Supply Their smallest rechargeable battery-powered handheld video magnifier yet, with powerful... Read More
A talking scale announces weights and are available in a variety of sizes and styles.  Kitchen scales may be the most valuable for science education, although bathroom scales and other types of... Read More
The following description is from the InTact website: With the inTACT Sketchpad, creating tactile graphics by hand has never been easier. As you draw with a stylus on the tactile film, a... Read More
The APH DNA Twist gives students both color and tactile differentiation of the 4 nitrogen bases found in DNA.  The nitrogen bases are the part of the DNA molecule which carries the genetic code... Read More
The hands-on molecular models that can be built using any of the Molymod kits work well for all students. Molymod is a trademark of Spiring Enterprises Ltd., Billingshurst, West Sussex,... Read More
AVAILABLE USING QUOTA FUNDS   The following is from the APH website: This interactive study set is designed to make learning about the periodic table of the elements accessible to... Read More
Use this extremely popular calculator to gain an academic edge in pre-algebra through calculus, as well as biology, chemistry, and physics.  The Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing... Read More
The Teacher's Edition for the APH Life Science Tactile Graphics set may be purchased from APH or may be dowloaded as a file and printed. Please see notes below from the APH website: ... Read More
Braille and tactile rulers have raised lines and markings to help people who are blind or visually impaired to measure length.
Liquid level indicators provide auditory feedback when a cup is almost full.  Some of the models also provide visual or tactile feedback. Besides this practical function, liquid level... Read More
The PenFriend 2 is an upgrade of the older PenFriend 1.  It was designed mainly for use by children and adults with visual impairment for independent living needs.  However, it can be used... Read More
  The Raised-Line Drawing Board produces a negative image meaning that the raised line is on the opposite side of the paper.  It is simple to use and doesn't require any specialized... Read More
Quick Draw paper is convenient for use on the go.  Water-based markers or paintbrushes with water cause the lines of the image created to swell from the paper.  The following description... Read More
This Rubber Pad is a replacement pad for the Swail Dot Inverter, but may be used for other tactile drawing tools.  It is available separately from APH ON QUOTA FUNDS. I am including it... Read More
The Swail Dot Inverter is available on quota funds from APH.  This tool uses a specially made stylus to  invert dots to make images using a series of dots.   The following... Read More
Originally designed for Teachers of the Visually Impaired to produce tactile drawings, the TactiPad can also be a useful tool for a student with visual impairment. The TactiPad includes numerous... Read More
The Sewell EZ Write N Draw Raise Line Drawing Kit with Clip is a clipboard with a hard rubber mat attached. Either aluminum foil paper or polyester paper can be purchased for use with this tool.... Read More
Designed by Ann Cunningham, a botanical illustrator and art teacher at Colorado Center for the Blind, the Sensational Blackboard Mini is an inexpensive accessible tool for those with visual... Read More
The Sensational Blackboard was designed by Ann Cunningham, an award-winning botanical illustrator and art teacher at Colorado Center for the Blind. This product is also available in a miniature... Read More
Please note that Independence Science is offering an upgrade option for a limited time to customers who have already purchased the original Talking LabQuest.  Contact Independence Science for... Read More
The Vernier temperature probe becomes an accessible tool when used with the Talking LabQuest link. It provides very accurate measurement of temperature from  – 40°C to 135°C. The probe is 15.5... Read More
The following description is from the APH Website:   This multi-platform, easily-adjustable board from APH can be used in a variety of learning activities.    Use... Read More
The following is from the Orbit Research site: Specially designed by Orbit Research, based on the popular TI-36X Solar calculator from Texas Instruments Specially designed by Orbit... Read More
The kit includes: The Human Skeleton Poster 2 Sets of Large print/Embossed bone name labels 2 Sets of Large print/ Embossed number labels Skeleton answer key Storage... Read More
This kit was recommended by Clare Scallon, a former Elementary school teacher at TSBVI.  The following description is from the APH website: Create your own embossed graphics using this handy,... Read More
The following description is from the APH Website and gives information on how the Light Box has been recently improved.    When used with unique sets of materials, APH's Light... Read More
The following description is from the APH website: When used with unique sets of materials, APH's Light Box and Mini-Lite Box help develop awareness of light, color, and objects.   APH's... Read More
Bumpons are clear tactile "bumps" which can be used to mark various surfaces.  They work well on both 3-D models and 2-D raised line drawings.   The set includes various sizes.  The... Read More
The following description is from the APH Website: Tactile Graphics Kit This extensive set of materials allows teachers, transcribers, and mobility instructors to create custom tactile graphics... Read More
The following description is from the Maxi-Aids website: Readings shown on 2-color high definition display Hold button down for voice activation Great for exercise, mountain... Read More
From the Carolina Biological Supply Co website: Use this greatly enlarged, vibrantly colored model to study the structure of a typical animal cell. Significant structures within the cell are... Read More