Expiration Date Tracking App

This app was developed by 7th grade student Hari Bhimaraju of Cupertino, California. It is designed to help people who are blind and visually impaired to identify expiration dates on medicines and foods. An automatic refill order can be specified, so a pre-composed email to the pharmacy/caretaker automatically pops up giving the user a choice for a single click option to order refills.

RFID Tool:

  • It is very portable, and can be used as a carry-on gadget or as a wearable one.
  • Its potential is limitless, as detecting expiry dates is just one example application for this tool.
  • It is very cheap and can be bought for less than $35 (not including iPhone). The incremental cost of RFID tags is very small too as 100 tags can be bought for around $20!

Demonstration of Taking Medicine to Pharmacist

The video below demonstrates how a person who is visually impaired would take the tool and app to the pharmacist when he/she buys the medicines, to enter the medicine details and expiration dates and any requests for automatic refills. The app could also be used for any food and not just medicines, and it could also be used by the elderly too who have trouble seeing clearly, and not just those who are visually impaired.

Demonstration of App in Use

In the videos below, Hari demonstrates how the app can be used to check the expiration date of medication and to determine if a refill is needed.




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