About Accessible Science

Student explores accessible modelIn 2006 Jen Nagarah and Kate Fraser, science teachers and teachers of the visually impaired, wished for a website where activities and resources about teaching science could be shared with other teachers, as well as with parents and students.  The first version had very few activities or materials.  In 2008 Phase II of the website involved developing a new format and the addition of much more material.  Many staff in a variety of roles from across the campus were involved.  The site was moved from www.perkins.org to its current location on www.perkinselearning.org in February 2014. We are grateful to SAP for their support of this project.

We believe that all students, including those who are blind or visually impaired, deafblind, or those who have additional disabilities, can fully participate in science education and activities.  The goal of this site is to share techniques and strategies to make science accessible to all.

We have adapted activities to meet the needs of our students. We hope these adaptation ideas inspire teachers to find their own creative ways to include students who are visually impaired in the science classroom.  We invite you to share your ideas, resources and activities with us!