Résumé Development

By Denise Fitzgerald on Jun 02, 2015

Creating a résumé is an important step in preparing for the world of work.  Students typically begin to keep track of their work experience with the aim of building a résumé from the very beginning.  They include any type of volunteer or community experience, as well as any paid work experience.

Steps in Building a Résumé

Students participate in a variety of vocational experiences and keep a running log or list, using a braille notetaker or a print copy.  It would also be possible to create an audio file, using speech to text.  

Once students have a list of vocational experiences compiled, we introduce a more formal approach to creating the actual résumé.

  • Students look at sample résumés and analyze them.  
  • Students identify components, such as schooling, dates, personal objective, and work experience, including specific job titles, job responsibilities, location of work experience, specialized skills and training.
  • Students create their own résumés.
  • Peer review of résumés.
  • Create a plan for updating.
  • Students can have multiple versions, if they plan to apply for very different types of jobs and wish to emphasize different things.

Sample resume

sample resume







resume collage