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Tips and strategies to make expressions and equations accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired
The parent of a young adult who is deafblind discusses details of setting up a recycling program and managing the money earned.
Looking for a way to add audio descriptions to YouTube videos and/or looking for YouTube videos that are already described?
There are 2 sessions included in this training module on transition planning for students with visual impairments and additional disabilities.
YouTube auto captioning is not accurate. Want to learn how to create quality captions?
Does your student/child spend too much time on his/her device? Learn how to set screen time limits!
Step-by-step instructions on how to use Guided Access on an iPad.
Are you a Teacher of the Visually Impaired who has an interest in learning and teaching your students how to program? Here is a training for you!
KNFB Reader provides visually impaired and blind users to access print materials.
Struggling with Google Docs when running a screen reader? Here are some helpful resources!
A successful college student shares her tips for making test taking easier!
I am using Google Drive with JAWS.  It is very temperamental - any thoughts or resources?  - L
Fun themes for teaching students to create PowerPoint Presentations.
Do you or your general education teachers know how to create accessible Word documents and PowerPoints? Here are some resources!
Register now for the 2017 NC STEM Camp for students with VIB!
Accessible emerging reader ebook about Cinderella characters.
Do you wonder how your student or family member's visual impairment impacts what he/she sees?
Do you have a one-handed braille student? Check out this virtual one-handed braille keyboard!
Learn how to create accessible Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations and simple eBooks in this hands-on Perkins workshop.
Rebecca speaks about the challenges, resources, science and strategy of raising a child with cortical/cerebral visual impairment.
Want to learn how to create a table for your student who uses a screen reader? Follow these step-by-step instructions!
The PenFriend can be used as an auditory tool for science instruction with students who are blind or visually impaired.
Read about Microsoft's new approach to accessibility!
Want to know the VoiceOver commands used when creating a Word document on a Mac computer running VoiceOver? Watch as this tech savvy student's video!
Tired of navigating through the Ribbons? Try the new 'Tell Me' feature!
Tech help please... my student is using a Refreshabraille to access Pages on the iPad. She is trying to cut and paste and can make the handle appear but doesn't know how to move it across the text...
Want to learn how to use KNFB Reader? Watch these short instructional videos!
Here is a little-known feature that makes text selection on iOS devices quick and easy!
Tips and strategies to make ratios and proportional relationships accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired
Do you have a licensed copy of Microsoft Word? Check this out!
Looking for a fun way to teach spatial concepts to students who are blind? Try this auditory bowling game!
Tips and strategies to make geometry accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired
In this video, Amanda Martinage going to discuss what is vestibular processing and what does dysfunction look like.
I have a slow Braille writer who uses the RBD and has basically learned to read for the first time at age 13. he is doing so well with the RBD because he enjoys that auditory feedback. I have found...
A successful college student with low vision shares the print materials accommodations that enable her to succeed.
Learn how to use this new and exciting software that enables blind students access digital charts and graphs/1
Free SAS® Graphics Accelerator transforms graphs and charts into sound to paint audio pictures
Want to try out the new SAS Graphics Accelerator? Learn how to "visualize data" with hands-on experience at CSUN!
This app enables blind users to use electronic appliances, such as a thermostat, washer, oven or microwave.
Nearby Explorer is an iOS and Android GPS app designed for users with visual impairments.
The parent of a young adult who is deafblind shares her experience of setting up a project to recycle cans in the community.
This tutorial discusses the importance of adequate evaluation and the importance of families, educators, and ophthalmologist working together.
Find out what a TVI and her young student think about the new app that teaches students about the rotor!
The keyboard commands have changed with the new version of ZoomText. Read this for keyboard command cheat sheets and other ideas.
This tutorial is made up of 4 modules, each containing a lecture, video segments, readings, and assigned activities to enhance and apply your learning.
What are "modifier keys" and what do those strange Mac key symbols mean?
Looking for a checklist of skills and IEP goals for Read2Go, the Bookshare digital library app?
An activity to help blind and visually impaired students plan for transition and adult life as they learn about budgeting.
Want to know if your Google Document is accessible for screen readers? Check out Grackle Docs!
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