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A successful college student with low vision shares her SAT experience.
Do you have students interested in coding? Check out this physical programming language!
Over the years I have used many computers however, the Chromebook has worked best for school work.
A successful college student with low vision shares her tips on how to survive midterms/finals.
Latest research on the benefits of self-driving cars for people with disabilities.
Learn how to take advantage of shortcut keys from a power user!
Paths to Technology interview with Brian Toskey, NWEA Product Manager
In this activity, students order the levels of organization from least to most interactions or vice versa.
Introduced act to help make technology affordable for people with disabilities.
Have a student who is taking a computer science class? Check out this information about computer science accessibility!
A successful college student with low vision shares her experiences using educational materials from AIM.
PowerPoints are used in classrooms and businesses. Are your PowerPoints accessible?
If you use these applications, read this critical information before updating to the next version of Windows 10!
A successful college student discusses the skill of self-advocacy and how she developed this skill.
Teaching your child to deal with the unexpected and to solve problems of daily life is a critical transition skill.
Are you debating about installing iOS 10.3? Here is what the experts have to say.
To address hypersensitivity, Amanda suggests to introduce difficult experiences using a really structured, predictable, and caring approach.
Let Perkins eLearning guide you toward creating your organizational membership and launching your Bookshare program in 2 weeks!
This tutorial discusses the challenges, resources, science and strategy of raising a child with cortical/cerebral visual impairment.
Can 3D models be educational for students who are blind?
Team of blind students battling in a robotics competition.
Interested in gaming? Check out this article and video!
A hands-on activity to introduce students who are blind and visually impaired to friction.
What does your student do when his/her peers are taking an on-line assessment? Here is a truly accessible mainstream assessment available to students with VIB!
The course will include information pertaining to the causes of CVI and program planning/interventions for individuals with CVI.
Kindle books are now compatible with NVDA!
A blind undergraduate student shares her passion for designed and building space instruments.
A parent shares tips on getting started as an office volunteer shredding paper
Are you interested in astronomy for students who are visually impaired? Check out this exciting opportunity for educators and their students!
A customer service representative who is blind reflects on his first week working at a new job as a senior customer service representative.
Be sure to back up your iOS device before installing iOS 10.3! iOS 10.3
Have you heard about the new Apple app, Clips? Create your own expressive video!
Learning how to use free or unstructured time during a break is an important skill for transition and work readiness.
Does anyone know of a printer that is easy to use by someone who is blind?  And that will work with a computer and an iPad/iPhone?  One that is also friendly for scanning, copying, etc.  Most...
Bookshare funding is at risk and you can help! Please write your member of Congress today!
Here is a simple measuring device that is accessible!
Bookshare, an accessible on-line library for users who are visually impaired and/or print disabled, needs our support!
Secret Location Orientation and Mobility lesson plan teaching how to create a Point of Interest using the BlindSquare navigation app on an iPhone.
Encourage your student with multiple disabilities to communicate and make choices using their favorite apps!
Do you have a student with limited mobility? Adaptive Switches are learning tools that enable these students to interact with a device.
This activity uses a science-based approach to teach color description to students who are blind or visually impaired.
Fun ways to grab your students' attention and to practice a variety of skills. "Ready, set . . ."
News interview about the revolutionary SAS Graphics Accelerator software.
For students with visual impairment, the volume of sound can be used to represent the brightness of stars as the concepts of apparent and absolute magnitude.
Scavenger hunts are a fun way to address all parts of the Expanded Core Curriculum!
Interested in IT and other tech-related jobs? Check out this opportunity!
Tips and strategies to make expressions and equations accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired
The parent of a young adult who is deafblind discusses details of setting up a recycling program and managing the money earned.
Looking for a way to add audio descriptions to YouTube videos and/or looking for YouTube videos that are already described?
There are 2 sessions included in this training module on transition planning for students with visual impairments and additional disabilities.