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This activity teaches students who are blind or visually impaired about scientific notation using the example of astronomy to illustrate its importance.
Super Bowl Sunday is traditionally a day to meet with friends and enjoy food and friends. This lesson helps the student adjust a recipe for a crowd.
This lesson will help students understand credits and debits as it relates to a club treasurer's responsibilities
Use scale drawings to map out travel routes
The student will review divisibility rules and use those divisibility rules to help in division.
Learning how to manage money using a check register.
Learning what makes a questions a statistical question.
Students will use a Perkins Brailler to reflect, translate and rotate braille characters
I sure hope someone can help me.  I was trying to move a game icon from the first page of my Home screen into my games folder on the second page. However, I am having problems doing that.  I am using...
Is your Internet page visually cluttered? Try using the Reader feature!
What do you do when your teacher gives you a last minute print handout?
In this video, Ellen Cadigan Mazel talks about color highlighting for children with Cortical Visual Impairment.
Do your students have experience with video conferencing?
This webinar will focus on Functional Vision Assessment for students with multiple disabilities.
Note the new address for ACVREP!
The POSB 2017 conference in early April was a beneficial opportunity to collaborate.
Using a program called Codex, you can change Kindle, Bookshare, ePUB, other ebooks, and more into Microsoft Word Text.
This training module has 3 sessions that demonstrate theories and best practices for teaching students with visual impairments and additional disabilities.
There are 4 videos in this training module. Learn how to implement RBEI principles and strategies and how to achieve "buy in" regarding ECC implementation.
Here is a creative, fun way to teach and reinforce braille skills!
A successful college student with low vision shares her experiences with accommodations for her SOL assessments - state's standardized tests.
Confused about accommodations and modifications? AFB has compiled a description about various types of accommodations.
A successful college student with low vision shares how she steams from her device to her TV screen to reduce eye fatigue.
Looking for a free tool to create accessible memory matching games?
This accessible iBook details events that happen on a child's birthday.
Have motor issues? Some of the Blindfold games have the option of playing at a slow speed, enabling students with motor disabilities to be successful.
Considering running with a guide? Read about Stephanie's experiences as she prepares for the Boston Marathon!
Talking Typer for iOS was just released (April 2017).  Have you used it?  What do you think of this app to teach keyboarding skills?
This radio and music app is designed specifically for users who are visually impaired or blind.
A successful college student with low vision shares how colored paper effect her reading.
Does your student love animal sounds? Use this adorable app to teach basic VoiceOver gestures!
Thinking about purchasing a 3D printer to benefit students who are visually impaired?
Students with visual impairment can benefit from drawing in science classes.
Here is an accessible keyboarding app for students who use VoiceOver!
Setting up a personal network is a helpful activity for transition-age youth as they prepare to look for a job.
In this activity, students with visual impairments compare the structure and function of broadleaf leaves and pine needles.
A successful college student with low vision shares her experiences with ACT accommodations.
Road Rally ideas with visually impaired navigators!
Check out this intriguing story about a blind runner and Google Glass.
A successful college student with low vision reviews the Amazing Echo Dot and shares how she uses this tech in her college dorm.
The presentation offers strategies for supporting growing children with CVI as they learn to use their functional vision effectively.
Interested in working as a computer programmer? Find a role model!
Why I can see some materials and not others - insight from a successful college student who has low vision.
After graduation tech ideas for students who are candidates for sheltered workshops or supervised employment.
Want to liven-up your O&M lesson? Try this fun Easter Egg game!
Include visually impaired students and students with multiple disabilities in your Easter Egg hunt!
Planning an O&M lesson on how to use Uber? Here is a skills checklist!
Here is a fun puzzle game that teaches spatial concepts!
Why is Siri not spelling words for me anymore? When I ask Siri to spell a word, she gives the definition instead. How do I fix that? -L
A successful college student with low vision shares tips on buying a new smart phone.