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This blog includes practical advice including adapted materials necessary for the TVI working with a student in middle school science.
Here is a device that enables all children to create music!
How can deaf blind students make emergency calls?
Using iBeacons, the Aware App improves indoor navigation for travelers with visual impairments and blindness.
Governor Morehead School for the Blind shares their first year experiences of taking the new accessible version of the MAP assessments.
This tutorial focuses on Functional Vision Assessment for students with multiple disabilities.
The author discusses how connections with teachers and friends have impacted his life as an adult who is blind.
3D technology is being used to help babies with underdeveloped or missing eyes.
Geared for beginning readers and/or students with CVI, After School I is a simple iBook about after school activities.
A tech savvy user shares his Google accessibility and Chromebook experiences after attending AFB's Training the Trainer.
Working with low vision students who struggle with visual clutter and other typical dyslexia issues?
Models of three types of stress that can be placed on rock are described.
Do you use Window-Eyes? Read this important announcement!
I had two students take the accessible screen reader version of the MAP test this spring and this is the feedback.
Information on how to set up and use embossers with the BrailleNote Touch.
The power of technology for travelers who are visually impaired.
This simple activity connects the sounds encountered in different biomes with the sounds made by both biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) features.
Technology used to help visually impaired travelers cross streets without veering.
An Amazon Echo with a display screen that can make video calls? What will they think of next!
Become more efficient with these shortcut commands!
The course will include information pertaining to the causes of CVI and program planning/interventions for individuals with CVI.
A high school student at Perkins School for the Blind offers advice about interacting with people who are visually impaired.
Looking for a summer job? Here are so ideas on how to find a job!
Want to practice math facts? Try the Math Robot app!
How can you quickly find a favorite post on Paths to Technology?  How can you search for posts on a specific topic? Thanks! - E
A successful college student with low vision shares her classroom experiences about large print misunderstandings.
Learn how the blind and visually impaired are using Siri on their Apple products to perform a wide variety of tasks independently.
Having trouble finding a favorite post on Paths to Technology? Here are some helpful hints!
The following is part of a series of 6 different activities related to making football accessible with visual impairments or multiple disabilities.
An accessible math lesson is designed to teach graphing on a coordinate plane through dance steps with students who are blind or visually impaired.
Take a look at this multi-line digital braille e-reader!
Looking for a low cost but quality OCR/scanning solution?
This activity requires students who are blind or visually impaired to direct someone to their house using O&M, work readiness, and independent living skills.
Braille Tutor is a new iOS app to learn/practice braille!
A high school student reflects on the loss of her sight.
Here is an accessible crock pot pressure cooker combo!
Have a middle or high school student who is learning VoiceOver gestures? This app is for you!
A successful low vision student with chronic illness shares why online college classes are beneficial for her.
Braille needs in the 21st Century - is braille still relevant?
Need a free ride in Phoenix?
Tips and strategies to make functions accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired
This activity is designed to help students with visual impairments to use statistics to interpret data, in alignment with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
Learn more about your student's street crossing skills with this rainy day activity!
This lesson is designed to support students who are blind or visually impaired to understand the structure of algebraic expressions.
A lesson plan to teach students with visual impairments to graph equations related to real life situations.
This hands-on math lesson is designed to teach negative numbers to students with visual impairments.
This lesson is designed to teach students with visual impairments about probability.
This activity is designed to help students with visual impairments to understand the relationship between two-dimensional shapes and 3-dimensional shapes.
This lesson is designed to teach students with visual impairments about positive numbers.