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It seems like now-a-days everything is going digital. So much of what we do as TVIs lives online. Another way to streamline our workload is to go paperless!
Should you mention your disability when applying to college? Here's how I did it - and still got into my top choice college.
This workshop presents an overview of how the brain is organized with particular focus on the visual system.
In this webinar, Susan Abu-Jaber, focuses on birth to three orientation and mobility.
Five not-so-secret things your IEP case manager isn't telling you, from a college student who had an IEP.
Make mulling spices to stimulate the senses while students learn math, language arts, social skills, and independent living skills.
This post will discuss features and accessibility of 1Password for iOS.
This tutorial identifies the guiding principles of CVI diagnosis, suggests interventions for moving between Phases of CVI, and more - from birth to age 3.
How Can a Student with Visual Impairments Participate in a Science Fair?
Balancing security and accessibility, an IT major's guide to improving your passwords.
Learning Windows 10? Here are the steps for using the Notification Area and Action Center.
A high school student contemplates what it will be like to graduate from high school and live on her own.
A crash course in low vision and blindness resources: 2017 World Sight Day
FREE one day, Thursday, November 30, 2017, hands-on workshop focuses on teaching educators to effectively implement Bookshare in the classroom.
"The NICU Experience" follows the 2004 journey of the Anthony family in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit of The Western Pennsylvania Hospital.
When searching the Internet using an iPad, VoiceOver and/or a refreshable braille display - is there a way to get past the menus, lists, etc. and on to the area you're looking for? For example,...
Here is detailed information about new and improved accessibility features in iOS 11.
How will this major Windows 10 upgrade impact students who use screen readers?
Create your own Sudoku puzzles and use these fun puzzles to teach tech skills!
Ten options for making the Periodic Table accessible for students with blindness and low vision.
I have a question. Why 21st Century learning?
What is your student's reading fluency?
Can students with diverse abilities successfully work together?
Secret Location Orientation and Mobility lesson plan teaching how to create a Point of Interest using the BlindSquare navigation app on an iPhone.
A while back, I wrote a piece that compared an iPad Pro to a PC. At the time, it didn't quite hit the mark. Now with the release of iOS 11, can It beat the PC?
A high school student with traumatic brain injury learns to identify community signage.
Here is the nitty-gritty for on macOS 10.13 for VoiceOver users!
My tips for being successful in college admission interviews.
What I learned from my high school teach of the visually impaired (TVI) as a low vision student.
a review of Notability, SnapType Pro, and Adobe Fill & Sign for editing worksheets digitally
FREE two day, Friday and Saturday, December 1 and 2, hands-on workshop focuses on teaching educators to effectively implement Bookshare in the classroom.
What do you use to access textbooks auditorally?  I have tried Voice Dream and Bookshare but the pages do not match up to the text and it's very difficult for my students to follow along. Thanks! -A
Take notes and create accessible materials in about 90 seconds with this free app.
Teach students basic sonification using this fun game!
I am trying to help a student send an email using his Refreshbraille 18 and the Mail app on his iPad.  We can't seem to figure out how to input an underscore in the email address. I set it for...
1534, 631, 25 - what numbers can you find?
FREE hands-on workshop focuses on teaching educators to effectively implement Bookshare in the classroom.
Make sure you get to your dorm safe - call a security escort if any of these things are happening.
Where are my purchased apps in the iOS 11 App Store?
Cited is a free and completely accessible app that allows students to cite sources without need to worry that the formatting is not correct.
Mikogo is a simple to use screen sharing tool for teachers who have students who are low vision learners.
Presenters MaryAnne Roberto and Gunjan Rastogi-Wilson recount the journey of Krish, a tiny wide-eyed newborn with a powerful motivation to learn.
How can you arrange the icons on the Home page in iOS 11?
This is a fun arcade-type game that also reinforces O&M skills!
Creating accessible documents for people with print disabilities with Microsoft Office Word 2016.
One day FREE, hands-on workshop in New Hampshire, focuses on teaching educators to effectively implement Bookshare in the classroom.
You made a book in Book Creator - how do you share it with students?