Assistive Technology

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Have you ever been told you cannot do something, just because you are visually impaired? YOU BELONG.
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Designing websites and online resources that are favorable for colorblind users.
Maze Day is an annual event tech-related educational games and activities for students with visual impairments hosted by the UNC's computer science department.
Comparison of popular search engines that are safe, appropriate and accessible for young students.
Tips for creating a Yahoo Mail Account - including CAPTCHA issues!
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Michelle shares her experiences and tips that helped her prepare for college success.
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Do you have a hobby or passion? What can you do with $25,000?!
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Learning mainstream keyboard shortcuts flows into learning screen reader keyboard shortcuts for students with low vision.
A simplified Internet search using voice commands.
How can iBeacons, little plastic devices, help travelers who are visually impaired?
Want to get an accurate thermometer reading using a smart thermometer and smartphone?
This FREE literacy program is offering digital books, an accessible e-reading app and iPads to access those digital books!
Getting started video on the basics of using NVDA to navigate a website.
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Learn music technology at Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa.
College Student with low vision reviews the AmazonFresh grocery delivery service.
Use this CSI-related activity to help your students learn about self-advocacy!
Google's Project Bloks is a development platform for tangible programming, to help kids develop computational thinking through playful coding experiences.
Learn how to transform math material such as worksheets and textbooks into HTML content that students can access on iOS devices or a WINDOWS computer.
Step-by-step instructions on keyboard shortcuts - dedicated to screen reader users.
The NAGDU app provides general information about state and federal laws involving the rights of service dogs users.
Transportation option geared for senior citizens but available to all ages.
Use the free web tool WAVE to check your website's accessibility!
Quickly make existing PDF documents accessible using the PAVE web tool.
Accessibility fixes potentially include braille display pairing issues resolved and braille displays no longer sluggish when typing.
A blind user shares tips on how to take iPhone pictures.
Comprehensive guide about magnifiers and teaching low vision students to use magnifiers for educational purposes.
NVDA community of practice resources for NVDA users.
High School transition goals and activities for the college-bound student with visual impairments and blindness.
Accessible emerging reading alphabet book.
BlindSquare is encouraging Orientation and Mobility Instructors to share their experiences about using BlindSquare during O&M lessons.
Share your BlindSquare experience during the BlindSquare Story Contest!
AccessComputing supports students with VIB and faculty in computer classes and in computing fields via tutoring, mentoring, and computer-related internships.
Basic video series to help users learn to use and practice VoiceOver on a Mac computer.
Forthcoming Startup Failures in ZoomText 10.1 and other Ai Squared Software products problem and solution. (January 17, 2017)
Windows 10 Forum: Q&A, tutorials and resources for screen reader users.
Tips on using a smart phone's built-in camera and zoom features to access menus, signs, and other distance objects.
A successful college student shares her tools and tricks on how to start the semester off right - navigating the college campus.