Assistive Technology

Follow Layla's progression as she learns more refreshable braille display chord commands on her iPad.
A teacher of the visually impaired reviews the Scrible Toolbar with ZoomText.
A teacher of the visually impaired shares her favorite apps for students who use switches.
A college student's strategies for successfully reducing eye strain when using technology.
Instructions on how to share Notes on the iPad, iPhone and Mac computers.
A successful college student with low vision shares her favorite online library services.
Veronica is back to tell us all about her favorite portable CCTV and her ways of using it. Cross-posted at
There are 3 webcasts included in this training module that demonstrate the importance of Assistive Technology Assessment and Accessibility.
Five educational low vision apps recommended by Veronica, a college student.
A practical classroom review of the E-Bot Pro, a CCTV that displays directly on your iPad that is an approved tool for standardized testing!
Using tactile representations to explain iPad concepts to a first grade blind student.
Tips on how to encourage a first grade braille student to be responsible for and independent with her technology.
A successful college student with low vision describes her favorite Android apps.
A successful college student with low vision shares the low vision features she uses on her Android phone.
Blindfold Sound Search is a matching sound game that's fun for visually impaired people of all ages
iOS translation app that describes photos and reads the text within the photo.
Are you curious how the blind and print disabled can independently read printed materials? Read more to find out about the wonders of the KNFB Reader!
A successful college student with low vision shares her favorite settings for Windows 10.
Using holiday poems to teach technology skills.
Exciting, inclusive classroom actives that combine Crime Scene Investigation skills while learning about magnification tools!
Using privacy and security options on an iDevice in the classroom and on O&M lessons.
The snap circuit kit will be available from the American Printing House for the blind.
Accessible version of Seven Little Words
Fun and practical digital literacy tech activities for students who have multiple disabilities and are visually impaired.
Learn about Bookshare's online library of accessible ebooks in Braille and digital formats and visit the Braille Central support portal.
Learn to use AirDrop to quickly transfer documents, pictures and videos from one Apple device to another.
Blind Abilities interview with Project Starfish after their successful completion of the first ever Blindfold Racer Championship.
Are you curious what techniques the blind use to read? We cover two techniques, Braille and audio. If curious in learning more, please keep reading.
Is "listening" truly a type of reading? Explore this hot topic!
Bookshare Adds New Updates to Go Read - A Free, Open Source Ebook Reader App
Blindfold Spin and Solve is a "Wheel of Fortune" type iOS game that reinforces learning braille contractions.
As each student with a visual impairment has unique needs in math and science, choosing an appropriate talking calculator is vital for his or her success.
User guides for almost all of the 50 Blindfold Games are available online for use with a screen reader or braille display.
Accessible Wheel of Fortune game called Blindfold Spin and Solve for the iPhone and iPad.
Bookshare is now offering an accessibility feature that helps readers maintain focus and improve visual tracking ability.
Orientation and Mobility related tracing, scanning and tracking activities to compensate for blindspots.
Suggestions on how to use interactive storybook apps with students who are visually impaired with multiple disabilities.
Tips and resources on how to incorporate technology into orientation and mobility lessons for all types of O&M students.
Use BlindSquare Simulation Mode to help students create maps of a location.
Are you wondering how blind bookkeepers can navigate QuickBooks? MyBlindSpot has made it possible through its partnership with Intuit. Read on to learn more!
The mother of a young man who is deafblind due to Usher Syndrome describes the importance of assistive technology for academic success.
Paths to Technology has added two new sections: Software Updates and Curriculums!
This tutorial describes the tools and resources that can help teams make appropriate decisions about accessible educational materials (AEM) and reading tools.
Students who are in Elementary school and who are learning to use a screenreader require a concept base, repetition, and fun!
Prism OCR app review and instructions.
Learn about one of Apple's newest features coming to iOS 10 users!
How to get started on an iPad with a bright 16 month blind baby.
This webinar describes tools and resources that can help teams make appropriate decisions about Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) and reading tools.
Step-by-step instruction on how to use Google Drive with JAWS and VoiceOver.
This presentation identifies advantages and disadvantages of braille displays with screen readers and provides a beginning instructional sequence for teachers.