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Low Vision Access in Windows 10

"Thanks for sharing your experiences, Andrew! Microsoft actively seeks accessibility feedback. Please consider contacting Microsoft's Accessibility Team with specific examples of what did work and... read more
- Diane Brauner
, Sep 24, 2018
"I have high myopia and my constant concern is readability and accessibility. I don't need high contrast modes to be able to do my work with earlier versions of windows but with newer releases... read more
- Andrew Santos
, Sep 22, 2018

Graphiti Field Testers Needed

"I would like to participate "
- Katharine Wilson
, Sep 22, 2018
"Academic 7th grade Braille user "
- Jeannie Lei
, Sep 22, 2018
"As I serve high school students that are taking Geometry, Biology, Physical Science and Algebra, I would love to field test the Graphiti! I would provide timely, detailed feedback, video... read more
- Jeanette Norman
, Sep 18, 2018

Creating a Word Document on a Mac with VoiceOver: Video Tutorial

"Hi Dianne and others, I was able to solve the issue with the installation error. It turns out that because I have the Windows versions of the office apps under a virtual machine, these apps have a... read more
- John Farina
, Sep 22, 2018

Error While Creating Yahoo Mail Account

"The Yahoo Email service is great. I trust it can be restored. "
- robin jeremy woolley
, Sep 20, 2018

Join.Me a Screen Sharing iPad App Video

" Join.Me is now available on Chromebooks! Learn more about Join.Me on Chromebooks here. "
- Diane Brauner
, Sep 19, 2018