Student Posts

Image of an intense cartoon woman holding a game controller.

Great Games for the Visually Impaired

Are you looking for games designed for users who are visually impaired?
Campers standing by Microsoft headquarters sign with text, "2019 Microsoft NINJA Camp"

2019 Microsoft NINJA Camp for students with Disabilities

Interested in a tech career? Check out Microsoft's Ninja Camp!
Image of computer with Google Search screen and text, "Google Search Tips"

Google Search Tips

Looking for something - just Google it! How to be more efficient with your Google Searches!
Headshot of Jaylen, sophomore in college who has albinism.

TCU basketball star with albinism

Jaylen Fisher shares his story about living with albinism.
Screenshot of emoji face options on an iPhone.

Emojis and Accessibility

Have you embraced emojis?
Decorated Braille cookies made with candy pearls for dots,  almond bark, and edible white pearls.

Braille Code Cookies

Celebrating the Braille Code in a tasty treat! Fun activity for World Braille Day, holiday treat or participating in the Expanded Core Curriculum
Photo of Florian, smiling with his arms crossed; text, "From a Blind Developer's Perspective"

From a Blind Developer's Perspective

Interested in becoming a developer? Get the inside scoop!
World of Warcraft logo

Guide on How to Play World of Warcraft (Without Sight)

Do you enjoy playing multiplayer online role playing games?
Photo of hands holding an iPhone with screen showing Hadley website and text, "Hadley video Tutorials".

Free Hadley Tutorial Videos

Hadley has created short video tutorials covering iOS, Apple Watch, Mac, Abacus, and more!
Access Computing logo and text, "Mentoring and Internships"

Computing Students with a Disability: Mentoring & Internship

Access Computing provides mentoring and funding for career development activities for students with disabilities who are studying computing-related fields.
Text, "Summer Internships"

Computing Internship: Sean Mealin

Expand your experiences through summer internships!
Image of Walking man with a cane stick figure and text, "Getting Ready for College: O&M Skills"

Get Ready for College: O&M Skills

Is your student MOBILITY READY to attend college?
Photo of 16 year old girl playing a guitar with the text, "Kendra".

Learning about Kendra: Video

Kendra, a 16 year old student, shares about her passion for music.
Photo of Max in wrestling position and text, "Max: 13-year old wrestler"

Max: 13-year old wrestler

Max is not the "blind wrestler", he's just a regular kid.
Screenshot of Be My Eyes app with text, "Call first available volunteer", "specialized help" & bottom row buttons: Home, Stories

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is a free app connecting blind or visually impaired individuals with a sighted volunteer who can help the individual by utilizing the phone's camera
collage of three photos: Liz, Jennison and Josh with text, "STEM Careers"

Disabled People in STEM: Podcast

Meet this amazing panel of amazing STEM professionals: Liz Henry, Jennison Asuncion, and Josh Miele.
Screen shot of the Braillenote Touch

Braillenote Touch: A Successful Tool

Braillenote Touch accomplishes many tasks and enjoyable to use.
screenshot of Facebook keyboard shortcut commands and text, "Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts"

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Tips to help you navigate Facebook.
Molly Burkey, 23 year old with long black hair sitting on the floor dressed in black and white leggings, pink shirt and barefoot

Molly Burke: an activist, beauty blogger and YouTuber

Molly is a major vlogger with 13 million subscribers who happens to be blind.