Software Updates

Technology is constantly being improved and updated. The Software Update page will help you stay up-to-date with the latest available software features and enhancements as well as what to expect in a future software release. Check here to see what the experts say about accessibility improvements and issues – before you update your device!

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JAWS Support of Chrome 70

JAWS issue with Chrome 70 release

Having trouble navigating the combo boxes when using the Chrome Browser?
Microsoft image and text, "New Narrator Guide"

New Narrator Guide

Learn what is new with the latest release of Narrator!
Screenshot of Android phone with "Some things you can say: Scroll Forward, Tap Go Back, Go Home, Open tutorial"

New Voice Access for Android

Use your voice to access your Android phone - hands free!
Screenshot of New VoiceOver gestures popup on iPad.

iOS 12 Home Screen VoiceOver Changes

Status bar layout change and VoiceOver Pop features
Screenshot of Typability program

Typeability again!

Typeability is an effective, useful and engaging keyboarding program that teaches operating system navigation and keyboard shortcuts.
photo of Mac computer and open book sitting on a desk with text, "Mojave: macOS".

Mojave: New Operating System for Mac

Here are new features and accessibility review of the new macOS.
Shortcuts App logo

ShortCuts App: New Feature in iOS 12

A Shortcut is a method or route that reduces time or energy.
Image of Matt Connect and text, "MATT Connect: Updates & Skills Checklist"

MATT Connect Updates

If you are using a MATT Connect, check out these new features and the Skills Checklist!
Image with text, "What's new with iOS 12?"

iOS 12 Accessibility and New Features

Learn more about iOS 12 before updating!
Image of text, "Google Classroom and Braille Note Touch Bug?"

Google Classroom and Braille Note Touch Bug?

Please share any recent issues with Google Classroom and Braille Note Touch.
Skype logo and text, "Answering Calls with Skype 8: JAWS"

Answering Calls with Skype 8: JAWS

Information about how to use Skype 8 with JAWS.
podcast icon and text, "Narrator Podcast"

Narrator Update: Podcast Demo

Learn more about Microsoft's exciting improvements to their native screen reader, Narrator.
Laptop on student's lap displaying JAWS logo and text below photo, "JAWS 2018 Updates"

JAWS 2018 Updates

Check out these new July 2018 JAWS updates!
photo of Windows 10 PC with screen displaying the text, "Your device is being protected"

Windows 10 in S Mode

Learn more about S Mode (Security Mode) and how this works with assistive technology.
Screenshot of Windows 10 Settings displaying Make Everything Bigger slider.

Windows 10 Build 17692: Accessibility and more!

Want to know what is coming up in Windows 10? Check out this Preview!
Image with text, "WWDC 2018"

Apple's World Wide Developer Conference 2018

Latest Apple news including the upcoming release of iOS 12, macOS 10.14 Moiave, watchOS 5 and tvOS12.
outline drawing of a smartphone with circle arrow representing refresh or update.

iOS 11.4 software update

AirPlay 2, messages in the Cloud, ClassKit framework and more
Hand on electronic door knob of open door with standard hotel room in the background.

iOS 12: Contactless Interaction

Potentially use your phone to unlock doors and as a virtual transit card.
Windows 10: multi-colored panes in the background with "10".

Windows 10 Alt+Tab, Sets and Fluent Design Updates

Microsoft announced these new features which will improve productivity.