iOS 11.4 software update

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iOS 11.4 was publicly released on May 29, 2018. This is expected to be the last release before iOS 12. Currently, no new accessibility-related bugs have been reported.

New Features

Apple Insider shares about the new features available in iOS 11.4, including AirPlay 2, messages in the Cloud, stereo pairing for the HomePod, developer support for ClassKit and more. Read more about these features in the AppleInsider article, All the new features in iOS 11.4. 

Bug Fixes

  • "Black Dot" - a bug that causes the app to crash when a certain character sequence of emojis.
  • iMessage order - a bug in which iMessages appear out of order on some devices.
  • App location - a bug in which an app on the Home screen is in the wrong location, often overlapping another app.

For additional bug fixes, see MacRumors' article, The New iOS 11.4 Update Fixes Three Irritating Bugs