Excel Mini-Courses in 4 minutes: Budget

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Screenshot of Excel spreadsheet and chart: Amy's Shopping Budget

Learn how to create simple Excel budgets and charts through these quick mini-lessons. Each lesson has step-by-step written directions accompanied by a short video clip demonstration. Note: The videos clips are visual only - no auditory available. This lesson is broken down into the following steps (most steps are under one minute to learn):

  1. How to Adjust the Column Widths to Make More Room
  2. How to Merge and Center the Spreadsheet Title
  3. How to Format the Budget Numbers with Dollar Signs
  4. How to Calculate the Total Expenses or Money Spent using Autosum
  5. How to Calculate any Profit or Money Left Over in a Budget
  6. How to Create the Chart with Your Data and Numbers
  7. How to Make Your Chart Look Better by Changing the Chart's Bar Colors
  8. Improve Your Chart with a New Layout and Design

To view the tutorial, go to the Oakdome website.

Note: This free website has numerous types of technology lesson plans for various software programs, such as Word, PowerPoint Excel, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Multimedia, Graphic Organizers and more!