Assistive Technology Skills & Products Survey

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Dear Colleagues:

In the hopes of better understanding more about what assistive technology skills are being taught to high school students with visual impairments, we have prepared a survey that we are asking be completed by practicing TVIs, O&M Specialists, and other specialized personnel who teach high-school students.  We would appreciate it very much if you could forward this message to professionals who fill these roles at your school or through the agency that you represent.  The message that follows could be used to introduce the survey:

Dear TVI, O&M Specialist, or Specialized personnel:

You are invited to complete a survey on assistive technology skills and products being taught to high-school students by teachers of students with visual impairments (TVIs), orientation and mobility instructors (O&Ms), and other specialized personnel.

This research has been approved by Florida State University’s Institutional Review Board.  It is being conducted by Sandra Lewis, Ed.D., Eric Caruso, M.S., and Nicholas Trotter, M.Ed.

We are interested in understanding the assistive technology skills and products being taught to high-school students, what factors might act as barriers to that instruction, and how that instruction varies based on teacher characteristics.  Learning more about assistive technology instruction may lead to identifying and developing better practices for educating students with visual impairments. 

We are looking for TVIs, O&Ms, and other specialized personnel currently providing assistive technology instruction to high-school students who participate in general education courses.

We anticipate it will take 10-15 minutes to complete this survey.

Please forward this link to other professionals you believe are eligible to complete this survey.

Link to survey

Thank you for consideration.


Sandra Lewis, Ed.D.


Eric Caruso, M.S.


Nicholas Trotter, M.Ed.

Thanks so much for your assistance with this request,

Sandy Lewis