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SAS Graphics Accelerator Tutorial #1: How to

The Accelerator makes digital charts and graphs accessible! Learn more about accessibility options here.

SAS Graphics Accelerator Video Tutorial #2: Options

The Accelerator makes digital charts and graphs accessible! Step-by-step instruction to using the Accelerator.
EquatIO logo and text, "Accessible Editable math"


Making digital math accessible!

Google Earth O&M lesson

Christine Patella

Facebook: How to Add Image Descriptions

Learn how to make your Facebook posts accessible!

QR Kids: Back to School/Open House Activity

Have students record personal audio QR codes!
Microsoft Forms Logo

Microsoft Forms and Take a Test

Microsoft's software for creating tests and for 'locking down' devices during testing.
Time Series plot showing dividend titled "Cash amount by Ex/Eff Date"

Reviewing Charts and Graphs: SAS Graphics Accelerator

What is the Accelerator and how do you use it to review charts and graphs?

How Do People with Vision Impairments . . . Go to a Horse Race?

Giddy Up! Using Assistive Technology to watch horse races for people with vision impairments. Tested at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.
Smyle Mouse logo

Smyle Mouse: Control your computer with just a smile!

Hands-free, voice-free controller for your computer or tablet.
Image of PowerPoint blank slide and text, PowerPoint JAWS keyboard commands"

Get to know PowerPoint with keyboard commands

Learn JAWS keyboard commands to move quickly around PPT.
Image of a PowerPoint being created with the color menu and text, "PowerPoint Layout with a screen reader".

Dr Robinson teaches how to Design a Great Background for PowerPoint presentation

Create a great background for your PPT presentation
Image of Wikipedia website with Reader Mode - one column of text with two images. Text, "Chrome Reader Mode"

Rid clutter from webpage in reader view mode for Chrome

Get rid of all those ads from webpages to read it fast with talking software.
Photo a hand holding a black sharpie pen about to write with the text, "Creating a Digital Signature".

Create, Scan, change and insert signature perfectly into a document

Never print off on paper again to sign a document.

Accessible Coding

This article contains information on Quorum, an accessible programing language, as well as other resources & information related to blind programers & coders.
Mom and toddler holding a stuffed bear sitting and reading together.

Best Bedtime Stories

Here is a list of free online bedtime stories and tips for bedtime reading!

Hoonuit Free Technology Tutorials Review

A free online library service that helps you learn technology and improve your resume.

Bookshare Books read using Microsoft Word with JAWS

Word enables users to customize text for even more accessibility!

Accessible Peep and the Big Wide World

Accessible Videos for young learners with Vision Impairments.

SoftSchools: Free online games, worksheets and quizzes

Here are FREE digital educational materials!