Android Apps Posts

SoloLearn Programming App Review

Using the SoloLearn app to learn programming skills and stand out when applying for jobs. Great for college students!

How to Write Alt Text and Image Descriptions for Instagram

How to write Alt Text and image descriptions for your instagram posts. Great for business and personal accounts.

Accessible Virtual Field Trip - the 9/11 Memorial and Museum

Touring the 9/11 memorial and Museum with Virtual Reality and Audio Description

Navigating PowerPoint with keys

This is an accompaniment to my previous post on creating Halloween games in PowerPoint, a general description of creating presentations using keyboard shortcuts.

Using Twitter with Vision Impairment

A guide on how to use twitter for users with blindness and low vision
Office Lens Logo with text, "Office Lens Screen Reader Commands"

Office Lens Commands and Software Updates for Screen Readers

Office Lens is available on iOS, Android and Windows 10.
Screenshot of Android phone with "Some things you can say: Scroll Forward, Tap Go Back, Go Home, Open tutorial"

New Voice Access for Android

Use your voice to access your Android phone - hands free!

The BrailleSense Polaris: Google Apps - Uploading & Downloading Documents

Information about uploading and downloading documents from Google Docs or Google Drive.
EquatIO logo and text, "Accessible Editable math"


Making digital math accessible!

Google Earth O&M lesson

Using Google Earth to explore area and build a mental map.

Using PicsArt to Simulate Vision Impairment

How I use PicsArt, a free photo editing app, to simulate my vision impairment so people understand what I see.

Facebook: How to Add Image Descriptions

Learn how to make your Facebook posts accessible!

How to Use Campus Alert Systems

Part of living on campus is being prepared for emergencies - make sure you know your campus alert system.

How Do People with Vision Impairments . . . Go to a Horse Race?

Giddy Up! Using Assistive Technology to watch horse races for people with vision impairments. Tested at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.
Image of PowerPoint blank slide and text, PowerPoint JAWS keyboard commands"

Get to know PowerPoint with keyboard commands

Learn JAWS keyboard commands to move quickly around PPT.
Image of a PowerPoint being created with the color menu and text, "PowerPoint Layout with a screen reader".

Dr Robinson teaches how to Design a Great Background for PowerPoint presentation

Create a great background for your PPT presentation

Using GalaPro Audio Description at Chicago

Use your own technology for captioning and audio description at Broadway Play with GalaPro.

TapTapSee vs. Seeing AI App

How do these apps compare?

Using Coca-Cola Freestyle Machines with Low Vision

How to use the Coca-Cola Freestyle App to make it easier to choose and customize drinks.