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Everyone Can Code: Swift Playgrounds

Interested in coding?

HopScotch Coding App Review

How to use the free Hopscotch Coding App to learn programming concepts and promote STEM education.

Blindfold Color Crush: iOS Game

New gem packs available for Blindfold Color Crush Game!

SoloLearn Programming App Review

Using the SoloLearn app to learn programming skills and stand out when applying for jobs. Great for college students!

CodeSnaps: a SAS coding app

This mainstream coding app is accessible!

Why I Use IDE for my coding Assignments

Why and how I use the Free software in my programming classes as a low vision student.

WebbIE, the accessible text browser

WebbIE is a free text-only web browser for the visually impaired. WebbIE browses web pages, searches the web, allows for filling in forms, ecommerce, etc.

More Trucks HD: A Fun and Accessible iPad App!

This post describes the "More Trucks HD" app, which the author has used successfully with students of varying ages and developmental levels.

Accessible Periodic Table: Website

Here is a fully accessible periodic table with links to more information.

How to Write Alt Text and Image Descriptions for Instagram

How to write Alt Text and image descriptions for your instagram posts. Great for business and personal accounts.
Blackboard logo

Blackboard Learning Management System: Accessibility

Does your school use Blackboard?

Ballyland Code 1: Say Hello (iOS app)

Ballyland Code is an accessible app that teaches beginning coding concepts for young children!

You Are a Social Detective Book + App

Help your student learn social skills!

Producing Nemeth Code Through MathType, Word, and Duxbury

A resource is shared that outlines the software and steps needed to produce Nemeth Code quickly on the computer

Activity: Creating line charts from Yahoo Finance stock market data

Teach your student how to create line charts that show the stock price of a company over time.

Activity: Reading line charts that show stock market data

Read accessible digital line charts using a special type of line chart called a stock chart which displays the price of a company's stock price over time.

Activity: Create and share a simple bar chart

Teach your student how to create and share a simple accessible digital bar chart using the Digital Transitions Fall Leaves activity.

Activity: Reading bar charts using fun facts about planets

Teach your students how to read bar charts using examples that compare planets in our solar system.

Decide Wheel App Review

This accessible app gives your student the opportunity to make choices!

Essential Keyboard Commands for JAWS

Check out this list of keyboard commands that are absolutely essential for students and TVIs.