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Screenshot of Android phone with "Some things you can say: Scroll Forward, Tap Go Back, Go Home, Open tutorial"

New Voice Access for Android

Use your voice to access your Android phone - hands free!
Blindfold Games logo and text, "Blindfold Games"

Introduction to Blindfold Games: Video

Which Blindfold game is your favorite?

The BrailleSense Polaris: Google Apps - Uploading & Downloading Documents

Information about uploading and downloading documents from Google Docs or Google Drive.
Shortcuts App logo

ShortCuts App: New Feature in iOS 12

A Shortcut is a method or route that reduces time or energy.
Image of students in class viewing board using Join.Me app.

Join.Me a Screen Sharing iPad App Video

Join.Me is a screen sharing app that enables a low vision student to view what is on the board.

BlindSquare Integration for Future Dog Guide User

O&M lesson ideas to prepare for traveling with a dog.

SAS Graphics Accelerator Tutorial #1: How to

The Accelerator makes digital charts and graphs accessible! Learn more about accessibility options here.

SAS Graphics Accelerator Video Tutorial #2: Options

The Accelerator makes digital charts and graphs accessible! Step-by-step instruction to using the Accelerator.

Adapting a Floor Plan Using You Doodle App

This annotation app enables you to ERASE unwanted items!

Mobile App Review: Compass, by Apple Inc.

Learn how to use the Compass app while running VoiceOver!

Treasure Hunts and Geocaching: O&M lessons

Turn your O&M lesson into a Treasure Hunt! (Joanne Kennedy)

Whiteboard and Compass App: O&M Lesson

Teaching "mental mapping" skills to a young student with albinism.

Crossing Over Boundaries: O&M

O&M resources are more than just tactile maps - check out this digital book/pdf that reinforces O&M concepts for a vocational student.

O&M Lesson: Teaching Distance Estimates using BlindSquare

Does your student really understand measurement terms such as feet?
EquatIO logo and text, "Accessible Editable math"


Making digital math accessible!

O&M Lesson Using BlindSquare with VoiceOver

Here is an O&M lesson to help you get started with BlindSquare using VoiceOver.

Blindfold Pyramid Tiles

Have you tried this NEW Blindfold App?

Welcome to Wyatt's House: O&M lesson

Using Pictello, an iPad, the P.I.A.F. and braille to create an O&M book for a 2 year old child who is totally blind child.
Reading Adventure Time Logo and text, "Reading Adventure Time App"

Reading Adventure Time iOS App

FREE reading skills app designed specifically for braille readers!

Google Earth O&M lesson

Using Google Earth to explore area and build a mental map.