Knitting and Crochet

Knitters and crocheters who are blind or visually impaired can search this free library of instructions downloadable in electronic braille or large print.

Web-Based Organizations & Internet Resources

Advice for resuming crochet or knitting hobbies after vision loss.
Copper Dots
Crafter Marjorie Arnott has transcribed craft books into braille, including knitting and crochet. 
This blog includes tools, tips, and techniques geared for people who are visually impaired.  Kimberly and Abby share their projects and ideas, and include close-up photos of their works in progress.
Here is a blog just for loom knitters, with additional references for knitters who are blind or visually impaired. Contemporary styles and patterns, plus eBooks you can buy right on the site.
National Federation of the Blind (NFB)
Through Krafters' Korner, blind crafters can join a listserv, take a class, and support each other in the pursuit of enjoyment or profitability from their handmade creations.
This yarn manufacturer offers many free knitting and crochet patterns at their website. Users can choose large print, plain text compatible with screen readers, or brailler-ready formats.
Information for needleworkers in the UK who are blind.  This site includes patterns, project ideas, recommended references, and community.
Tips for needle and textile work for people with low vision or vision loss
For Crafters Who Can Do It with Their Eyes Closed
This site is written by people who are blind who love to knit and includes suggestions on how to learn to knit without sight.
Google Groups
To request membership in this group, visit Google Groups at the link above and click "Apply for Membership."