Apply for the Perkins-Roman CVI Range© Endorsement

If you’ve mastered the techniques of the CVI Range© and have experience working with students in every phase, you’re ready to apply for the Perkins-Roman CVI Range Endorsement. You deserve recognition of your expertise, which will make you stand out among fellow educators in this emerging field. Earning the endorsement makes it easier for families and school districts to seek you out as they look for teachers and related services providers to work with their children.

To qualify for the endorsement, professionals need to have education and certification in an educational or health-related field and significant expertise in working with children with cortical visual impairment. Successful applicants must also demonstrate proficiency administering the CVI Range© in all phases.

Follow these steps to apply for the endorsement:

  1. Create an account on The CVI Range© Endorsement site and login
  2. Apply for Endorsement (make sure you are logged in or the link will not work)
    We will review your application.  Please note this can take several business days upon receipt of completed application.
    If approved:
  3. Payment of $125.00 application processing fee
  4. Successful completion (passing grade) of the CVI skills and knowledge test or earn CVI Proficiency micro-credentials through an online class or blended workshop
  5. Successful completion (passing grade) conducting The CVI Range© on video case examples
  6. Three letters of recommendation describing your work with children with CVI; a link to upload the letters of reference will be sent when it is the appropriate step in the process
    1. At least one from a parent
    2. At least one from a professional (TVI, Administrator, etc.)
    3. See guidelines for a letter of reference
  7. Verification of completion of application

Preview Application Form

Create a New Application

If you already have an existing application please visit the Application Progress Page to view your application.

Apply for CVI Micro-credentials

If you’re not yet ready for the full Perkins-Roman CVI Range Endorsement, you can still receive micro-credentials for demonstrating mastery of different phases of the CVI Range©. These digital representations of your achievements can be used in an email signature or on a LinkedIn page to demonstrate your skill set.
Perkins eLearning offers four micro-credentials:

  • CVI: The Basics: Pass the Perkins-Roman CVI Range test.  
  • CVI: Proficiency: Complete and pass the Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) class.
  • CVI: Complexity: Complete and pass the “CVI: What’s the Complexity” workshop.
  • CVI: Assessment: Appropriately score two videos that are part of the Perkins-Roman CVI Range Endorsement. 

For more information about micro-credentials, contact Director of Professional Development Mary Zatta at 617-972-7344 or for more information.