Thinking Outside the Box: A Hot Dog Cart!

Through a grant from the Kurt Giessler Foundation for Youth Achievement a young man who recently graduated from Perkins School for the Blind was able to set up a hot dog stand.  John Shea, with support from his family, wanted to start a concession-style business. John, a 21-year-old Halifax resident, is visually impaired, has Cerebral Palsy and is surrounded by a supportive family.

Water's Great Escape

In this experiment water moves by capillary action "up" a paper towel from a cup to a bowl. The procedure is taken from 730 Easy Science Experiments with Everyday Materials by E. Richard Churchill, Louis V. Loeschnig, and Muriel Mandell.


Which kind of paper towel could move the most water from the cup to the bowl?


The perforated will move the most water.


See Procedure


Can You Beatbox?


Does gender affect a person’s ability to learn a beatbox noise?

Independent variable

I changed the different people and gender to test.

Dependent variable

What I’m measuring is the time it takes a person to learn a beatbox noise.


My hypothesis was that boys would learn to make a beatbox noise faster than a girl .


We All LOVE Ice Cream

Using a simple procedure to make ice-cream in Ziploc bags, Jennifer, Daisy, and Warren made vanilla ice cream and performed a taste test of their homemade ice-cream with storebought vanilla ice cream.  

The procedure for the homemade ice-cream was found in the book Out of Sight Science Experiments by Lillian Rankal and Marilyn Winograd.  It is attached. 


Will people like homemade ice cream or store bought ice cream better?

Solar System in a Meter

Many thanks to Jim Allan, Accessibility Coordinator at TSBVI (and resident Space Geek) for this idea. 

This is a good follow-up activity to an introduction of the solar system. 

After students have learned the basic structure of the solar system.  Students will gain a better understanding of the relative distances between the planets and how much greater these distances are the farther from the Sun planets are located.

Is Braille Relevant in 2017?

On January fourth, millions of blind people worldwide paid homage to Louis Braille on his 208th birthday. The braille system, which Louis began perfecting at the tender age of eleven, was adopted as the primary reading method of the blind by France in 1854, and started being used in the United States in 1860. Today, dynamic technological advances have caused the braille literacy rate of blind children to decline; According to National Braille Press, 12% of blind students learn braille.


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